Xcel Agency provides a full arsenal of digital and marketing
automation services for global brands. From lead acquisition to
the final analysis and everything in between, our experienced
teams help you establish and meet objectives to impact your
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Enhanced Visibility Into
Your Customer Journey

Today’s eCommerce and B2B companies rely on
multi-touch attribution (MTA) to evaluate campaigns
across all channels without bias. Once considered a
luxury, MTA is now affordable — and necessary — for
marketing budgets and programs of all sizes.

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From Priming The Pipeline To Engaging Buyers:
The B2B CMO’s New Role In Sales Enablement

“The more people are exposed to marketing automation data and metrics,
the more conversations get started and accelerated. Automation forces communication.”

~ Melissa McCready, Xcel Agency

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Xcel Agency is a full-service digital agency focused on growth-oriented marketing & increasing performance of digital channels. We are a globally integrated digital marketing agency offering innovative and creative digital solutions to SMBs and Enterprise clients alike. We handle the systems, processes, and workflows that go into running campaigns from beginning to end. Learn more about some of our key offerings below.


Lead Generation

We power marketing programs that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. Our clients need to improve the outcomes from their investment in marketing. We build qualified lead acquisition programs that use objective reporting and transparent analytics. We work with you to create powerful inbound marketing programs that consistently generate highly qualified leads.

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Programmatic Advertising

Xcel Agency is a programmatic advertising agency that facilitates banner and rich media advertising via digital media buys across digital networks. This technology automates the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences, using preset filters and parameters, combined with predefined algorithms to maximize spend and drive campaign effectiveness.

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Email Marketing

Leverage Xcel’s expertise to crush email revenue goals and build your brand. We offer email template design and coding, strategy, managed service, and data segmentation. Read on to learn more about our full breadth of email marketing services.

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Multi-Touch Attribution

A buyer’s journey spans through many devices and touchpoints before resulting in a conversion. In order to optimize campaigns and create more personalized consumer experiences, marketers need to understand which touchpoints and messages a consumer came in contact with that resulted in positive action. Multi-touch attribution is a method of marketing measurement that evaluates the impact that each touchpoint has in driving a conversion, thereby determining the value of that specific touchpoint.

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