Talent Staffing

Our Consultants Bring the Wealth of Industry-Specific Knowledge & Experience to the Table

Allow our consultants to seamlessly expand your team, blending their expertise, resources, and insights to enhance your project’s triumph and fortify your organizational capabilities. Schedule a call today to unlock your full potential with us.

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Empower with an Embedded Team

Build, Embed, and Onboard a Group of Experts!

We have the solution for all of your complex talent sourcing needs. We are experts in sourcing the best talent across Digital Marketing, Marketing, Project & Program Management, IT & Sales.

Our Embedded team service enables you to efficiently Imbed and Integrate a Unified group of Experts in one go. We partner with you to implement a seamless talent solution tailored to your business goals within your Marketing, Digital, Project and Program Management, IT, Sales organizations and more. We swiftly assemble a handpicked team of experts dedicated to realizing your vision and scaling projects and programs. These teams are available for short-term engagements starting from 6 months or can serve as a long-term talent solution

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Scale with Project & Program Management

Scale Your Capacity

Our project and program talent service enables swift scalability, providing precisely the talent you require at any project phase. We work closely with you to pinpoint the ideal talent and develop a comprehensive workload management strategy. Xcel CXM conducts tailored searches from our vetted expert database and oversees talent management behind the scenes to ensure your desired work is accomplished. Utilize program or project budgets without affecting your headcount.

  • Partner with Xcel CXM’s experts to identify the best talent and develop a comprehensive workload management strategy from start to finish.
  • Quickly and easily embed the right talent needed at any stage of your project
  • Scale your capacity to meet your demands

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Enhance Your Team With Skilled Talent

Not Your Average Staffing Solution

  • While certain staffing agencies solely pinpoint talent, our approach exceeds expectations by managing the entire process, including search, candidate curation, onboarding, and payroll.
  • With a team of over 100 seasoned recruiters and account managers spanning diverse skill sets and industries, we ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Our international services extend to both small and large-scale operations, enabling talent sourcing across 150 countries.
    We accommodate your budget, and you incur costs only after your candidate commences work.

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