Our Services

Global brands hire us to align sales and marketing to make their data processes make sense, and to align sales and marketing teams—so it all works together.

We help evolve and transform your data into best-in-class customer journeys that allow you to deepen customer relationships and to drive revenue.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Email Marketing

    Leverage Xcel’s expertise to crush email revenue goals and build your brand. We offer email template design and coding, strategy, managed service, and data segmentation.

  • Multi-Touch Attribution

    See the path to purchase and the ways consumers develop trusting relationships with your brand. Understand how your marketing activities impact your lead journeys through your funnel.

  • Lead Generation

    Xcel focuses on driving growth for B2B and B2C companies by continuously feeding the marketing and sales funnel with highly-engaged, top-quality leads. We leverage inbound marketing, account-based marketing, and sales enablement strategies to improve lead generation rates, leading to increased conversions.

  • Marketing Technology

    With a full-scalable team of technical engineers fluent across all technology stacks, there’s no platform we’re unfamiliar with and can manage any size installation. From configuring marketing automation workflows to deep-level systems integrations, our expertise goes far beyond surface-level campaign management.

  • Digital Strategy

    Working collaboratively, Xcel acts as a strategic partner for clients, helping to plan, execute, measure & iterate on campaign goals to achieve success with digital marketing initiatives. We employ cutting-edge digital marketing tactics to engage new audiences, build brand equity, and push your business to the next level.

  • Analytics

    At our core, we’re data scientists helping brands merge performance analytics with marketing data to capture true marketing ROI, drive profitability, and better compete in challenging markets. This is S.M.A.A.; aligning data points to clearly and acutely measure user behavior, digital campaign performance, and website data for insights that tell a story.

  • Design & Development

    In the name of being a full-service agency, Xcel offers full-stack web development, graphic design, and content development to help your business grow. We build strategic, engaging experiences that reinforce credibility and communicate key messaging to the right audiences.

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