5 Stages of Sales and Marketing Automation Alignment (SMAA™)

Data is only as big as the people and ideas behind it.

If it’s clean, organized, integrated, and automated,

your customer journeys and revenue potential are unlimited.

For today’s sales and marketing organizations, it’s all about the data. Volumes of it. You need to have access—visibility and control—over vast data resources, that are sometimes hard to reach.

You want to know all about your customers; what they like and what, when, where and how they buy. You want to identify, segment and profile your best customers. And then find more of them.

So what’s holding you back?

It’s the data.

You can’t get to it. It’s out of sync. There are gaps.

Or you may have good, clean data but need a solid partner—with experience. You need help honing the data you have to create clusters of high value customers, give them unique and powerful customer journeys—and turn it all into a money making machine. You need it organized and operationalized from the top down—from the inside-out.

We’ve identified five common categories in which sales and marketing organizations develop with regard to data integrity. These 5 SMAA™ stages directly affect both B2B and B2C brands’ ability to reach customers in meaningful ways—to capture market share.

Connect with us to help diagnose the gaps, uncover and fix the obstacles and align your organization to reach your full revenue potential.

Where does your organization rank in the 5 Stages of Sales and Marketing Automation Alignment?

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“Attribution is super helpful to be able to segment and drill down by channel (Facebook, Google, search), campaigns + assets, paths, and UTMs. After we spent a few minutes defining all our channels we had a full-picture of where we spent and made money.”

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